snsd be breaking more hearts.

New Simple Designs!


Sorry, have been busy >.<

New Designs, Tiffany + Misc

New Design! Taeyeon Time!


I will be doing a “face” for every member, just slowly…..

I hope you like it. Remember feel free to request specific colors/patterns for backgrounds and stuff. Also updates on my twitter, @Dianthus9

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MaoMao Design!

New MaoMao design on my Red Bubble. :D


Remember if you have specific color request for posters, cases, and pillows you can just message me!

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Happy birthday Im Yoona (30/05/1990 - 30/05/2014)

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Check out my Red Bubble!

Wanted to create subtle designs to show my love for Girls’ Generation :)

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Was secretly hoping that it would be TOP instead. Imagine them babies.